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The Explorer

Tuna Caesar - chipotle dressing, smoked pineapple, coriander snow, tamale
Olive twist, ricotta, salsa
Tortellini - tomato & fennel extraction
Duck Suzette - seven day aged duck breast, citrus emulsion, duck jus
"Kalbi"- chestnut & shiitake rice, mirin tea, ssamjang, kimchi, ponzu
Cherry Clafoutis - roasted almond ice cream, cherry elixir, chocolate ganache


Beverage pairing + R600


We offer vegetarian and pescatarian menus, regrettably no vegan, alcohol or allium free menu is available.

Please note that a discretionary 12.5% service
charge will be added to all tables.

Menu/Allergen Disclaimer:

Kindly note our menu contains various forms of  liquor, all the alcohol has been cooked out. No raw alcohol is present. This process in integral to developing the multi-layered complex flavours we strive to achieve.

Items on this menu may, despite the best efforts and care of our staff, contain traces of allergens including, but not limited to: nuts, shellfish, soy products, eggs, dairy and wheat. Naturally, the list of allergens can be adapted to suit each individual menu and care should therefore be taken in respect to the use of different products containing allergens other than those mentioned.

Much of the food served may contain alliums, including but not limited to onion, garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives. While we can remove much of the alliums from the food small amounts will still remain.

Items and prices subject to change without notice.